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GreenHill Holdings Review

GreenHill Holdings is not paying anymore   Hello HYIP investors. : ) Today the blog is updated with a review of the quality medium-term investment program GreenHill Holdings.     Investment Plans The principal is included into payments. Starter:  6% х 24 business days = 144%, your net profit is 44%, daily net profit is […]

The first investors have profited from Prime Energy

The payouts from Prime Energy have been stopped The good news from Prime Energy – the first investors have already seen returns of 28%, the investment program has crossed the 700 member mark and a more active advertising has begun (sticky thread on MMGP, banners on some main monitors). The newsletter from Prime Energy: «Dear Members, […]

Sabro Technology Review

Sabro Technology is not paying anymore   Hello my dear readers. Today I deliver a presentation of medium-term investment program Sabro Technology.   Comme il faut, innovative technologies of automated Forex trading system create the favourable investment environment. And any investor can take advantage of it. : )   Investment Plans You have 3 investment […]

Free Trades Inc Review

Free Trades Inc is not paying anymore   Today I’m reviewing Free Trades Inc.   This investment program is from the same experienced Admin who run FX Money Management that was paying for 45 days. Goldpoll started monitoring Free Trades Inc on 14 June 2012. The active stage began on 30 September 2013.   Investment […]

Prime Energy Review

Prime Energy is not paying anymore Hello all my dear readers. The falling maple leaves of greenish-yellow, red and gold are drifting with the Wind and carpeting wavy water surface. Let’s overhaul the HYIP of good quality with the Wind Plan at the top. (By the way in the previous post you can see wind […]

Genius Capital Review

Genius Capital is not paying anymore Hello all my readers. The time for colourful fall of the maple leaves has come and it’s the time when we see more active HYIP-industry movements.   The investment program I’m going to review today is Genius Capital Limited.   «Genius Capital Limited – The name you can trust. […]

Top Capitalist Overview

Top Capitalist is not paying anymore First Investment Plan: 8% х 15 working days=120%, total pure profit is 20%, daily pure profit is 1.3%. The minimum deposit is $25. Investment plans are very stable and mutually balanced both for investors and administration, medium investment time frame, it’s better to split up one big sum into […]

SolCash Overview

SolCash is not paying anymore     First Investment Plan: 8,1% х 15 working days=121,5%, total pure profit is 21,5%, daily pure profit is 1.43%. The minimum deposit is $30. Investment plans are investor-oriented, medium investment time frame, suitable for making several smaller deposits instead of one large to reduce risks. Referral Commission — 4% […]

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