Centre Invest Group Review


The payouts from Centre Invest Group have been stopped

Investment Plans

Centre Invest Group is offering 8 investment plans. 4 of them have tarrifs with daily payments, principal is returned on expiry. The other 4 have tarrifs offer investors one single payment on expiry that includes principal. Let’s have a look at those investment plans in details and count pure profit that investors can get.

Competent 1: 0.97% х 57 calendar days = 55.29%. Min – Max deposit : $10 – $300
Specialist 1: 1.18% х 47 calendar days = 55.46%. Min – Max deposit: $301 – $3,000
Professional 1: 1.5% х 37 calendar days = 55.50%. Min – Max deposit: $3,001 – $30,000
VIP 1: 1.76 х 37 calendar days = 168%. Min – Max deposit: $30,001 – $50,000

Competent 2: 175% after 57 calendar days. Min – Max deposit : $10 – $300
Specialist 2: 175% after 47 calendar days. Min – Max deposit: $301 – $3,000
Professional 2: 175% after 37 calendar days. Min – Max deposit: $3,001 – $30,000
VIP 2: 190% after 37 calendar days. Min – Max deposit: $30,001 – $50,000

Referral program pays you a 4-1% referral commission on the first and second levels.

Centre Invest Group accepts the traditional HYIP industry payment processors —Perfect Money and Payeer.

Payouts to members are made instantly!

Support System — online customer support form on contact page; you can also use a built-in Live Chat feature as a more efficient means of communication.

Slogan — Excellent conditions for high-yield investments
Texts — original and informative. Centre Invest Group is positioned as a company creating the conditions for high-yield investment in binary options and foreign exchange markets. Their success – a long-term experience in the field of trading on the floors of binary options.
Web Design & Site Layout — well designed and user-friendly, it gives a positive impression,and easy to navigate.
Website has both Russian and English versions.

Script — custom-made licensed GoldCoders
The website is SSL-encrypted by Comodo for secure transactions.
Web Hosting — cloud servers from geniusguard.com with the support and protection from Black Lotus Communications.
The domain is paid up for 5 years.

Advertising & Promotional Campaign — a strong emphasis on advertising, many popular monitors have been added.

Centre Invest Group Current Alexa



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News from In-India LIMITED

The payouts from In-India LIMITED have been stopped


Due to the fact that the pace of In-India.in company development exceeded the payment capacity, the company was forced to distribute the processing capacities between servers in the United States and India. So according to a pause in payments, the company is also changing the central office in order to explore the possibility of opening the visitors’ center. We apologize for inconveniences but there was set a temporarily limitation on the payments of $15 per user per 24 hours. The maximum term of the break is 5 days.

Newsletter from In-India LIMITED

The payouts from In-India LIMITED have been stopped


Anniversary Presentation and Further Development!


Today we present you the Russian version of the presentation released a week ago after passing a threshold of a long year by In-India.in company. Here’s a link to the presentation in Russian:

We also offer you an English presentation:

As a part of the business development plan of In India company formed for 2013-2016, we continue increasing the volumes of transactions on our portfolio and receiving more and more deposits every day. During the next few days we will continue to publish other materials devoted to our company and in particular we will post a video presentation which will finally give you the possibility «to get to the other side of the monitor» and have a virtual visit to our office.

We believe that the one-year threshold of development is a sufficiently strong basis for new achievements and we intend to offer even more quality investments and informational services to our customers.

We are very grateful to you!

Sincerely yours,
In India Limited company team.

STP Verified Exchangers

Here is an up-to-date list of SolidTrust Pay approved and Verified Exchangers who are ready to assist you with exchanges from STPay to other E-Currencies:
Magnetic Exchange

For your safety, never exchange funds with an unknown individual or company who has not been pre-approved by SolidTrust Pay.

GreenHill Holdings Review

GreenHill Holdings is not paying anymore


Hello HYIP investors. : ) Today the blog is updated with a review of the quality medium-term investment program GreenHill Holdings.





Investment Plans

The principal is included into payments.

Starter:  6% х 24 business days = 144%, your net profit is 44%, daily net profit is 1,8%, monthly  net  profit is 39%. It will take you 17 business days to reach the break-even point (BEP). Min – Max deposit : $20 – $599

Regular: 6.5% х 24 business days = 156%, your net profit is 56%, daily net profit is 2,3%, monthly  net  profit is 50%. BEP = 16 business days.  Min – Max deposit: $600 – $2,999

Advanced: 7% х 24 business days = 168%, your net profit is 68%, daily net profit is 2,8%, monthly  net  profit is 61%. BEP = 15 business days.  Min – Max deposit: $3,000 – $100,000

The PROFIT CALCULATOR option is available on the site.

Referral Commission — 6%

Payment Processors — Solid Trust Pay, Ego Pay, Perfect Money and Bank Wires (International Swift)

Manual Withdrawals are only accomplished within 24business hours: 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday (Eastern time)

The minimum sum you can withdraw is $1.

Support System — Live Chat available on business hours, contact page,

e-mails :support@greenhillholdings.net


Address: Carpenter Court 1 Maple Road, SK7 2DH Stockport, Cheshire, United Kingdom

GreenHill Holdings is registered as an offshore limited liability company name: ‘Better Life 4U LTD’ in England and Wales. You can check it by visiting the official website of UK Companies House at http://companieshouse.gov.uk.


Slogan — Investing The Way It Was Meant To Be

Texts — original, informative, written in good British English, GreenHill Holdings is positioned as a financial services company generating maximum profits from the Forex Trading Market.

Web Design & Site Layout — cool and inspirational expensive design, gradient transparencies make the design look more striking, site layout is very user-friendly.


Script — custom-made unique script

The website is secured by SSL encryption from Comodo

DDoS protection by BlockDos

Web Hosting — a dedicated server from Black Lotus Communications

The domain is paid up for 2 years.


Advertising & Promotional Campaign — the most popular monitors have been added, hopefully the Admin is able to manage the program properly doing a solid job of capturing investors’ attention and moving those niveous mountains.



GreenHill Holdings Current Alexa


The first investors have profited from Prime Energy

The payouts from Prime Energy have been stopped

The good news from Prime Energy - the first investors have already seen returns of 28%, the investment program has crossed the 700 member mark and a more active advertising has begun (sticky thread on MMGP, banners on some main monitors).

The newsletter from Prime Energy:

«Dear Members,

This is just a very brief newsletter to update you on things happening with Prime
Energy. We are constantly striving and working very hard behind the scenes to find
the perfect balance of promotion and new features to keep your interest and ensure
that we maintain the steady growth that we have been seeing since our beginning over 22 days ago.

We reached two very important milestones for Prime Energy over the last two days The first is that we have crossed the 700 member mark. This is a really great achievement and one that we feel reflects the general positive sentiment surrounding Prime Energy very nicely. We have put a lot of hard work into the building and running of our company and we are all very glad to see the results that it has produced for our members.

Secondly the members who joined us on days one and two and deposited into the Biomass plan have received their principals back already. This is another great milestone in that many members, we are sure, were waiting for this to happen to be sure of our seriousness to take Prime Energy to levels far beyond what most are used to.

Thank you all very much for your tremendous support and we are always here to help should you need us.

Prime Energy – Cleaner Energy for a Cleaner World!

Bradley and the Prime Energy Team.»

Sabro Technology Review

Sabro Technology is not paying anymore


Hello my dear readers. Today I deliver a presentation of medium-term investment program Sabro Technology.


Comme il faut, innovative technologies of automated Forex trading system create the favourable investment environment. And any investor can take advantage of it. : )



Investment Plans

You have 3 investment plans to choose from. Your initial investment is included into daily payments.  According to data collected from HYIP-forums and monitors, the most investors prefer to choose the Confidence plan.


Sabro_Technology_The_ Confidence _Plan

The Confidence Plan: 5.14% х 30 calendar days = 154.2%, your pure profit is 54.2, daily pure profit is 1.8% It will take you 20 days to reach the break-even point (BEP)


The Stability Plan: 5.82% х 30 calendar days = 174.6%, your pure profit is 74.6%, daily pure profit is 2.4%. It will take you 18 days to reach the break-even point (BEP)

Sabro_Technology_The_ Independence _Plan

The Independence Plan: 6.34% х 30 calendar days = 189.6%, your pure profit is 89.6%, daily pure profit is 2.9%. It will take you 16 days to reach the break-even point (BEP)


The investment plans are pretty much attractive, the profitability of The Confidence Plan reminds me of one high-class investment program with the similar profitability (I say about Royalty 7).

Referral Commission —  5%

Payment Processors —Perfect Money and Ego Pay

Manual Withdrawals processed within 24 hours after requesting, usually withdrawal requests are done from one minute up to 5-7 hours

Support System — support page, contact e-mails:

support@sabrotechnology.com – Technical support department.

representative@sabrotechnology.com – Department to work with representatives.

abuse@sabrotechnology.com – Anti-spam policy.

career@sabrotechnology.com – Department of Human Resources.


Slogan — Confidence yesterday, Stability today, Independence tomorrow

Texts — written in simple good English, original, informative, comprehensive FAQ.

Web Design & Site Layout — high-technology style, stark contrasts between bright and pastel, glass and matt; site layout is defined by ShadowScript, it protects the content from copy-paste, and it also makes depositing funds differ from more usual one-step action of depositing money into an account. In Sabro Technology you shoud make two-step action to deposit funds into your account, all is explained in details in Sabro Technology FAQ.


Script — Licensed ShadowScript that costs the Admin money

SSL encryption by Comodo

Web Hosting — sabrotechnology.net is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection from Black Lotus Communications


Advertising & Promotional Campaign — active promotional campaign, you can see Sabro Technology banners in many HYIP-monitors, there’s a sticky thread on MMGP.

Sabro Technology Current Alexa


Investors’ Activity — Sabro Technology popularity has been growing, this investment program has a good potential to expand and become one of the most popular investment programs this autumn.



Free Trades Inc Review

Free Trades Inc is not paying anymore


Today I’m reviewing Free Trades Inc.



This investment program is from the same experienced Admin who run FX Money Management that was paying for 45 days.

Goldpoll started monitoring Free Trades Inc on 14 June 2012. The active stage began on 30 September 2013.


Investment Plans

Free Trades Inc is offering 4 investment plans and VIP-plan in addition. I’m going to point out just the first plan.

26,8% х 4 calendar days = 107,2% in total. Principal is included into daily payments. That means daily net profit is 1,8%, the monthly net profit is 54%. The Deposit Min-Max $25-$2,499.

This investment plan is sustainable, it surely makes Free Trades Inc keep a longer paying status.

Referral Commission — 2%

Payment Processors — Solid Trust Pay, Ego Pay and Perfect Money

Manual Withdrawals within 24 hours, usually completed from some minutes up to 2-6 hours

Support System — contact page on the site


Texts — a lot of textual content, the texts have grammar mistakes but it’s not a big deal because it’s a distinctive feature of HYIPs from this Admin : )

Web Design & Site Layout — mostly textual representation, site layout is a bit lack of ergonomics, for example some investors couldn’t easily find the investment plans block, ooops


Script — Customized Licensed GoldCoders

GlobalSign SSL Encryption

DDoS protection by CloudFlare

Web Hosting — hosted on a server from CloudFlare


Advertising & Promotional Campaign — Admin keeps to the trodden track promoting Free Trades Inc via the well-known monitors and blogs and avoiding additional advertising expenses that can burden the investment program.


Free Trades Inc Current Alexa


Investors’ Activity — the investors with broad experience made deposits into Free Trades Inc from the very outset of the active stage and keep re-investing and profiting; the investing newcomers have been joining to the program.

Prime Energy Review

Prime Energy is not paying anymore

Hello all my dear readers. The falling maple leaves of greenish-yellow, red and gold are drifting with the Wind and carpeting wavy water surface.

Let’s overhaul the HYIP of good quality with the Wind Plan at the top. (By the way in the previous post you can see wind turbines using wind energy on 2:50 in the musical video. All the things are connected with each other in this world really.)


Pure renewable energy and ecologically friendly high-tech innovations lay the foundation of green economy. The newly launched investment program Prime Energy asserts that the company generates profits from investments in clean energy resources. I really like this eco-energy concept (or eco-energy legend if you’d prefer to define it like that) behind Prime Energy.


Investment Plans

Prime Energy offer its investors 4 investment plans.

The Biomass Plan: 1.4% х 20 calendar days =28% total pure profit. Principal return on expiry. The Deposit Min-Max $10-$299

The Solar Plan: 1.7% х 30 calendar days = 51% total pure profit. Principal return on expiry. The Deposit Min-Max $300-$999

The Geothermal Plan: 2.1% х 60 calendar days = 126% total pure profit. Principal return on expiry. The Deposit Min-Max $1000-$ 2,999. It will take you 48 days to reach the break-even point (BEP)

The Wind Plan: 2.5% х 90 calendar days = 225% total pure profit. Principal return on expiry. The Deposit Min-Max $3,000-$ 50,000. It will take you 40 days to reach the break-even point (BEP)

Compounding option is available.

You can use investment calculator on the site to make precise calculations.

The investment plans are well thought-out, the profit/loss ratio is quite acceptable.

Referral Commission — 5%

Payment Processors — Solid Trust Pay, Ego Pay and Perfect Money

Manual Withdrawals completed within 24 hours

The minimum sum you can withdraw is $1.

Support System — contacts page, e-mail: support@prime-energy.biz
Tel. +44 203 608 6534
Fax: +44 203 608 3465
Prime Energy registered under the name ‘Energy Access Finance LTD’ with headquarters in London, United Kingdom with registration number 07309466.



Slogan — Cleaner Energy for a Cleaner World

Texts — original, professional, informative, written in good British English.

Web Design & Site Layout — the luminous eco-design is sure to delight the investor. It’s fresh, advanced, impressive and expensive. The site layout is user-friendly and easy to navigate.


Script — top-notch custom-made exclusive script, it’s the great feature of Prime Energy.

The website is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption.

High-end DDoS protection by BlockDos.

Web Hosting — prime-energy.biz is hosted on a dedicated server from Black Lotus Communications.

The domain is paid up for 7 years.


Advertising & Promotional Campaign — slow promotional campaign which is the best way to keep Prime Energy up in the long run.

Prime Energy Current Alexa


Investors’ Activity — gradual and ascending; the professional and well-experienced administration runs & manages the investment program properly, so that many investors have been willing to hand over their deposits into Prime Energy, relax and gain profits.

Young businesswoman sunny meadow relax on armchair

Genius Capital Review

Genius Capital is not paying anymore

Hello all my readers. The time for colourful fall of the maple leaves has come and it’s the time when we see more active HYIP-industry movements.



The investment program I’m going to review today is Genius Capital Limited.

Genius Capital Limited


«Genius Capital Limited – The name you can trust. » It’s how Genius Capital positions itself. Genius Capital Limited officially registered in the UK since August 20th 2013 (Registration Number: 08658347). However the start of Genius Capital was marked with the domain name issue. The same domain geniuscapital.net was used by a fast scam in 2009.

Well, we’ll see if administration of Genius Capital makes the domain name right and really trustworthy after such a rum start. The domain has been registered for 10 years.

GCL Investment Plans

In GCL Advanced you reach the break-even point on 34 business day.

Compounding option makes Genius Capital Limited more risky for investing to second and third plans.

Multi-level referral program — 5% – 2% – 1%

Payment Processors — PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay & OKPay. In GCL video presentation they announce that Solid Trust Pay is accepted but this payment processor has not been available for investing till today.

Withdrawals up to $500 are processed instantly, larger withdrawals are done within 24 hours

Support System — contact page, live chat, Tel: +1 (888) 333 0480 Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00 GMT (Excluding public holidays)

Slogan — Hire the Most Qualified Traders For your Investment Safety…

Texts — plain and informative

Web Design & Site Layout —ordinary, but still nice and functional, there’s Profit Calculator

Script — profoundly customized licensed GoldCoders

Green-bar EV SSL encryption from Comodo

Web Hosting — high-priced dedicated server with DDoS protection from BlockDos

Advertising&Promotional Campaign — heavy and aggressive promotional campaign on hyip monitors, forums, sites, blogs. At the same time administration of Genius Capital tries to cut down ad costs. There was an amusing incident with Hyip Party monitor. Admin of Hyip Party placed GCL banners but the investment sum was zero for several days. So for those days Genius Capital Limited was heavily advertised by Hyip Party monitor for nothing, funny indeed! : ) Paraphrasing one song
Is full of surprises
It advertises
For Nothing
For Nothing

After all, admin of Hyip Party lost all patience and stuck up a problem status for Genius Capital Limited! ; ) Then there were some backstage talks and after that the status was changed to waiting (sitting waiting, anticipating) and finally to paying as soon as admin of Genius Capital Limited came down with money for listing and banner ads. : )

Genius Capital Limited Current Alexa


 Investors’ Activity — quite well, several $500 deposits and $1000 deposit have flowed into Genius Capital Limited.

Genius Capital Limited

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