SolCash Overview

SolCash is not paying anymore





First Investment Plan: 8,1% х 15 working days=121,5%, total pure profit is 21,5%, daily pure profit is 1.43%.

The minimum deposit is $30.

Investment plans are investor-oriented, medium investment time frame, suitable for making several smaller deposits instead of one large to reduce risks.

Referral Commission — 4%

Payment Processors — PM, STP, EP

Instant Withdrawals

Support System — contact page, Facebook page


Slogan — Act Today For A Better Tomorrow

Texts — laconic and original

Web Design & Site Layout — stylish and inspirational, lifting investors’ minds to new income heights, colour concept mainly is shades of grey, the web-designer might be a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey ; )




Script — customized licensed GoldCoders

Green-bar EV SSL encryption from Comodo

Web Hosting — Black Lotus


Advertising & Promotional Campaign — gradual via plenty of hyip monitors, forums, sites, blogs and Facebook page

Investors’ Activity — rather high, hundreds & thousands of dollars are rotating in SolCash, many investors are getting the considerable profits.

SolCash Current Alexa 


In the present the program is one of the best HYIPs envisaging further development.


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