Genius Capital Review

Genius Capital is not paying anymore

Hello all my readers. The time for colourful fall of the maple leaves has come and it’s the time when we see more active HYIP-industry movements.



The investment program I’m going to review today is Genius Capital Limited.

Genius Capital Limited


«Genius Capital Limited – The name you can trust. » It’s how Genius Capital positions itself. Genius Capital Limited officially registered in the UK since August 20th 2013 (Registration Number: 08658347). However the start of Genius Capital was marked with the domain name issue. The same domain was used by a fast scam in 2009.

Well, we’ll see if administration of Genius Capital makes the domain name right and really trustworthy after such a rum start. The domain has been registered for 10 years.

GCL Investment Plans

In GCL Advanced you reach the break-even point on 34 business day.

Compounding option makes Genius Capital Limited more risky for investing to second and third plans.

Multi-level referral program — 5% – 2% – 1%

Payment Processors — PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay & OKPay. In GCL video presentation they announce that Solid Trust Pay is accepted but this payment processor has not been available for investing till today.

Withdrawals up to $500 are processed instantly, larger withdrawals are done within 24 hours

Support System — contact page, live chat, Tel: +1 (888) 333 0480 Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00 GMT (Excluding public holidays)

Slogan — Hire the Most Qualified Traders For your Investment Safety…

Texts — plain and informative

Web Design & Site Layout —ordinary, but still nice and functional, there’s Profit Calculator

Script — profoundly customized licensed GoldCoders

Green-bar EV SSL encryption from Comodo

Web Hosting — high-priced dedicated server with DDoS protection from BlockDos

Advertising&Promotional Campaign — heavy and aggressive promotional campaign on hyip monitors, forums, sites, blogs. At the same time administration of Genius Capital tries to cut down ad costs. There was an amusing incident with Hyip Party monitor. Admin of Hyip Party placed GCL banners but the investment sum was zero for several days. So for those days Genius Capital Limited was heavily advertised by Hyip Party monitor for nothing, funny indeed! : ) Paraphrasing one song
Is full of surprises
It advertises
For Nothing
For Nothing

After all, admin of Hyip Party lost all patience and stuck up a problem status for Genius Capital Limited! ; ) Then there were some backstage talks and after that the status was changed to waiting (sitting waiting, anticipating) and finally to paying as soon as admin of Genius Capital Limited came down with money for listing and banner ads. : )

Genius Capital Limited Current Alexa


 Investors’ Activity — quite well, several $500 deposits and $1000 deposit have flowed into Genius Capital Limited.

Genius Capital Limited

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