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45 Days Earnings Report




Greetings to all dear members!

We just completed our third investment cycle (45 days). Smart investors who decided to invest in our 3rd plan are enjoying a whopping 110% pure profits (as discussed below).

In this news session, we’d like to share you quick updates on several things – total deposits made, total number of investors at Sparbs, website statistics after 45 days, and important features that we are considering to add in coming weeks, which will all help you see why investing at Sparbs is the best thing you could do to make money online.

1. 45 Days Online, Third (3rd) Cycle Completed Successfully

Sparbs has successfully completed its 3rd cycle (45 day cycle). As a result, members who had decided to invest in our 3rd investment plan are now enjoying a whopping 210% profits – a 110% pure profits. That means, if you’d had invested $1000 in our 3rd plan, you’d had earned $2,100 ($1100 pure profits) only after 45 days.

2. Web Statistic after 45 days

After 45 days, Sparbs have managed to attract a total 1340 investors, a rise in number from 799 members during its first month (30 days online). Likewise, the total deposits at Sparbs is now $65623.24, which is almost double the total deposit amount of $35,000.00 during its first month online.

This growing number of members and deposit amount indicates only one thing – Sparbs’s investment plan is not only easy to use and invest, but also generates profits for everyone, including to newbie investors.

3. Sparbs is active on Facebook

We post latest updates and industry news on our Facebook wall. If you have any question regarding our investment plans, or need assistance from the experts, you can always send a private message or post a question on our Facebook wall.

4. Over 1K Deposits Everyday

At Sparbs, we are getting more than 1K deposits every day. We are getting popular and stronger every day. One of the reasons why we are getting great results is because our plan are extremely easy to use and invest. For example, after registration, our user do not need wait for weeks, or days, to get started with our program. Further, they do not need to submit bank documents to get their account approved. Your account will be verified and approved within seconds, not days.

After your account is activated, all you have to do is select one of the three plans, fund your account using any of the payment processors we support, and wait for the investment period to complete to start making money online.

The best part is that your earnings will be directly transferred to your investor’s account, which can be withdrawn into your bank account, anytime.

5. Be Ready for Representative Program

Get ready to make additional income through our affiliate program. Yes, Sparbs development team is currently working on our representative system and it will be ready within couple of weeks. The affiliate program is free to join. If you’re already our member, you will automatically be qualified to participate in our affiliate program and start promoting our program with others – friends, families, co-workers and even your boss. If you’re new, you will automatically be enrolled into our affiliate program during the registration process.

With our affiliate program, you’ll earn referral commission based on the deposit amount your referrals make in one of our investment plans.

6. Testimonials section under construction

Sparbs’s development team is also constructing a ‘Testimonials’ section for our site and it will be ready in couple of weeks too. In this section, we’ll include our customer’s reviews about our investment plan and their experiences using our website. This section will be really helpful for first-time investors who want to learn more about what others are saying about our plans before deciding to place their money at Sparbs.

7. Awesome Sports Betting System

In just 45 days, we have managed to attract a lot of investors from all over the world who are spending at least $1,000 every day. The total accounts have increased to 1301 from 799 in 30 days.

There are several reasons for that.

First of all, our investment plan is extremely easy to use. You just need to fund your account using any one of the payment gateways we support, select the plan, and wait for the period to complete.

Secondly, our server is running on a powerful dedicated server and protected by DDoS protection mechanism. This means our server will always be up and running and you’ll always make safe online deposits and withdrawals.

Thirdly, our excellent customer care service is always there to assist you, 7 days a week. Submit a ticket or click on the “Live Support” option to talk one-on-one with one of our customer care staffs.

8. Final Words

Before saying goodbye to you all, we’d like to thank everyone who took time to invest in our program and supported us throughout this journey. As a professional sports betting company, we also fulfilled out promise to our investors by helping them earn significant amount of profits in the least amount of time and hassle. In coming weeks, Sparbs will even get stronger and more popular as we’ll include representative program, testimonial sections, and payment processors.

When it comes to making money online, Sparbs is the real deal because we invest your money on profitable sports arbitrage situation which will always earn you profits.

Thanks for reading,
Sparbs Team


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