LinumFund – 2nd Newsletter


Linum Fund is one of the most successful and popular investment programs coming up this Autumn.


Here’s 2nd Newsletter from ¬†LinumFund:

Dear Investors,

As always, we have some important news to share with you:

Our project continues developing steadily. We already have 1,200 registered members, about 850 of which have active deposits. A lot of our clients have already received their profits, some of them have closed their deposits, but the majority has decided to continue to make a profit with us – and we are very happy about that.

As many of you may have noticed today there are some problems with our site access. It is loaded slowly, and it was not available in some regions. Not only with encountered such a problem, but also the other users of the server from Ddos-Guard. As far as we know, the problem has been solved by now, but there are still some small disruptions may have place. Do not worry about that, it will not impact our project.

The review of our program has been published on MNO. We here at Linum Fund are extremely proud and happy to announce that, a detailed review of our program has been published by Paul Abramson, on his blog, which is the largest platform from where you can get detailed news and other matters concerning the HYIP industry. The answers for most of the common questions that you will have can be found out in the published review. We proudly invite everyone to take a look at the published review here,

Currently, we are negotiating with Paul Abramson about making an interview about the project for the blog Money-News-Online. I think the interview will be published in the next two weeks. Stay tuned for updates.

As for instant payments and withdrawal of your deposit, you should not be afraid if your request for withdrawal gets the status Pending
There can be several reasons for that:
- The most common is a bug in the API of the payment system. You can delete your withdrawal request and try to create a new one. Likely, payment will be processed instantly.
- Every day we set withdrawal limit for each payment system. We do it for security reasons. The limit is high enough, but sometimes it finishes, and in this case your request will be processed by the administrator manually, and the withdrawal limit will be increased.
In any case, you SHOULD NOT PANIC if your request is not processed instantly. Your payment request will be processed anyway by administrator manually. Usually, it does not take more than 2-3 hours.

Warmest Regards,
Marcus Jordan

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