Second Newsletter from Sparbs

Congratulations On Your First Month’s Earnings

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30 days have passed like a blink of an eye and Sparbs has great news to share with its members and also congratulate with their first months’ earnings. Keep on reading the whole news to find out what’s happening on Sparbs.

#1: 30 Days Passes, 30 day Plan Expires, Congratulations with your earnings!

Finally, 30 days just passed and with that our 30 day plan also expired. Our members who had decided to invest in our 2nd plan (160% after 30 days plan) are now enjoying 60% pure profits of their initial investment amount. We would like to congratulate them with their first months earnings.

That’s not all!

More members who invested in our 3rd plan, i.e. 210% after 45 days, will enjoy a whopping 110% pure profits within next 15 days.

The best part about Sparb’s investment program is that you can always withdraw your earnings or profits as soon as the investment period is over, and your “initial investment amount” will continue to generate profits for you every month.

Alternately, you also have an option to “re-invest your profits” as capital, also known as compound interest, and earn even more profits for you. At Sparbs, you will never lose and only make more profits for the long term!

#2: “Upcoming Sport Events” integrated into Sparbs:

Sparbs recently integrated an “Upcoming Sport Events” section on its website to allow our members to know more about upcoming arbitrage events. If you are betting expert or un-experienced member you can leave this job for us – professionals.

We are sport arbitrage company working since 2009 under FINANCIAL EXPERTS LIMITED name and gain a lot of experience in free risk arbitrage.

#3: Recent Website Statistics:

After 33 days online, Sparbs has managed to attract 860 members, a significant rise from 520 investors from the last week. The membership on Sparbs never shows a sign of slowing down, thanks to our easy to invest and profitable investment plans.

Similarly, the deposit amount on Sparbs has increased from $18,000 to almost $39,000.00 within the last 10 days (from Aug 18 to 27). Both these growing numbers of members and deposits amount indicates that Sparb’s investment program is popular, easy to use, and profitable, even for the first-time investors.

Sparbs is very active on Facebook. If you spend most of your time on Facebook, rest assured you’ll receive updates, earning reports, new promotion offers, and investment tips and tricks on your Facebook wall. If you need help getting started with our investment program or have any information to share with us, simply post your feedbacks, questions, and comments on our Facebook wall and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

#4: Important Notice for Newbie and Intermediate Betters & Investors:

Investment risk has dramatically reduced to a “zero” risk level when we decided to enter into the sports arbitrage industry. For example, our member can place bet on both teams on the same match and earn profits, which has removed betting as something as gambling and transformed it into a solid investment strategy.

So, if you’re a first-time investor, or even an intermediate better, we highly recommend you to try Sparb’s reliable investment program and earn passive income every single month.

We have the ‘right’ tools, years of industry experience, and in-depth knowledge of the sports arbitrage. Our team of sports arbitrage experts have been in this industry for more than a decade and they have an in-depth knowledge to spot, analyze, and place bets on profitable arbitrage situations on the web. So if you’re a first-time investor, let one of our sports arbitrage experts help you get started really quickly so that you make the most out of your investments.

The best part about betting on Sparb’s investment plans are that your initial investment amount is 100% guaranteed, meaning you never lose at Sparbs.

That’s all for now. Please keep on returning back to our site for updates, news, and tips. Become our Facebook Fan and do not forget to promote our investment plans within your circle by becoming our affiliate.

Thanks for reading,
Sparbs Team

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