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Sparbs is a medium term investment program. Sparbs is offering three (3) investment plans to choose from.

1: 120% after 15 calendar days, principal included. Net profit = 20%. Min – Max deposit : $10 – $10,000
2: 160% after 30 calendar days, principal included. Net profit = 60%. Min – Max deposit : $10 – $10,000
3: 210% after 45 calendar days, principal included. Net profit = 110%. Min – Max deposit : $10 – $10,000

All transactions are manually verified and withdrawals are completed within 24 hours. The Sparbs members already took advantage of depositing into the first and the second plans and have been withdrawing profits.

Sparbs affiliate system pays you a 5-2% referral commission on the first and second levels.

Payment options are up to a high HYIP industry standards –  Sparbs now accepts 7 popular e-currency systems, you can join with  Payza, OKPay, Perfect Money, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

You can get in touch with administration by Live Support or filling out the Customer Support form and submitting it through the Contact Us page. Sparbs friendly English-speaking support staff is available 7 days/week to answer your questions. Sparbs  has a fan page on Facebook.

Slogan — Sports arbitrage for everyone!
Texts — the website content is original.
Company Profile —Sparbs is an entity of FINANCIAL EXPERTS LIMITED. Company was registered in the UK in 2009. Sparbs is a business that invests money into sports betting industry called “arbitrage“. Arbitrage is a financial situation  where you ‘buy low’ and ‘sell high’ on two different markets simultaneously and make instant profits. In the sports betting industry, you buy or sell ‘odds’ on two different Bookmakers and generate a profit (zero loss in the worst case scenario). The trick with the sports arbitrage is to bet on all possible outcomes of the game and betting on both teams to win. If these two bookmakers have sufficient high odds, you’ll generate profits for yourself no matter the outcome of the game.

Web Design & Site Layout — professional and well crafted. It is important to mention that upon joining Sparbs  the first thing you’ll need to do is fund your account with the amount you’re going to invest.  Then you should re-direct your investment into the plan you prefer to join. Only after that your deposit becomes active, and you start earning.

Script —exclusive custom-made script!
Sparbs maintains the highest level of security, the website has Green Bar and Extended Certificate from Comodo
Web Hosting — DDoS protection package provided by Koddos who are keeping Sparbs website on a dedicated server.

Advertising & Promotional Campaign — at very good level.

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