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The payouts from In-India LIMITED have been stopped


Anniversary Presentation and Further Development!


Today we present you the Russian version of the presentation released a week ago after passing a threshold of a long year by company. Here’s a link to the presentation in Russian:

We also offer you an English presentation:

As a part of the business development plan of In India company formed for 2013-2016, we continue increasing the volumes of transactions on our portfolio and receiving more and more deposits every day. During the next few days we will continue to publish other materials devoted to our company and in particular we will post a video presentation which will finally give you the possibility «to get to the other side of the monitor» and have a virtual visit to our office.

We believe that the one-year threshold of development is a sufficiently strong basis for new achievements and we intend to offer even more quality investments and informational services to our customers.

We are very grateful to you!

Sincerely yours,
In India Limited company team.

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