The first investors have profited from Prime Energy

The payouts from Prime Energy have been stopped

The good news from Prime Energy - the first investors have already seen returns of 28%, the investment program has crossed the 700 member mark and a more active advertising has begun (sticky thread on MMGP, banners on some main monitors).

The newsletter from Prime Energy:

«Dear Members,

This is just a very brief newsletter to update you on things happening with Prime
Energy. We are constantly striving and working very hard behind the scenes to find
the perfect balance of promotion and new features to keep your interest and ensure
that we maintain the steady growth that we have been seeing since our beginning over 22 days ago.

We reached two very important milestones for Prime Energy over the last two days The first is that we have crossed the 700 member mark. This is a really great achievement and one that we feel reflects the general positive sentiment surrounding Prime Energy very nicely. We have put a lot of hard work into the building and running of our company and we are all very glad to see the results that it has produced for our members.

Secondly the members who joined us on days one and two and deposited into the Biomass plan have received their principals back already. This is another great milestone in that many members, we are sure, were waiting for this to happen to be sure of our seriousness to take Prime Energy to levels far beyond what most are used to.

Thank you all very much for your tremendous support and we are always here to help should you need us.

Prime Energy – Cleaner Energy for a Cleaner World!

Bradley and the Prime Energy Team.»

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