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Sabro Technology is not paying anymore


Hello my dear readers. Today I deliver a presentation of medium-term investment program Sabro Technology.


Comme il faut, innovative technologies of automated Forex trading system create the favourable investment environment. And any investor can take advantage of it. : )



Investment Plans

You have 3 investment plans to choose from. Your initial investment is included into daily payments.  According to data collected from HYIP-forums and monitors, the most investors prefer to choose the Confidence plan.


Sabro_Technology_The_ Confidence _Plan

The Confidence Plan: 5.14% х 30 calendar days = 154.2%, your pure profit is 54.2, daily pure profit is 1.8% It will take you 20 days to reach the break-even point (BEP)


The Stability Plan: 5.82% х 30 calendar days = 174.6%, your pure profit is 74.6%, daily pure profit is 2.4%. It will take you 18 days to reach the break-even point (BEP)

Sabro_Technology_The_ Independence _Plan

The Independence Plan: 6.34% х 30 calendar days = 189.6%, your pure profit is 89.6%, daily pure profit is 2.9%. It will take you 16 days to reach the break-even point (BEP)


The investment plans are pretty much attractive, the profitability of The Confidence Plan reminds me of one high-class investment program with the similar profitability (I say about Royalty 7).

Referral Commission —  5%

Payment Processors —Perfect Money and Ego Pay

Manual Withdrawals processed within 24 hours after requesting, usually withdrawal requests are done from one minute up to 5-7 hours

Support System — support page, contact e-mails: – Technical support department. – Department to work with representatives. – Anti-spam policy. – Department of Human Resources.


Slogan — Confidence yesterday, Stability today, Independence tomorrow

Texts — written in simple good English, original, informative, comprehensive FAQ.

Web Design & Site Layout — high-technology style, stark contrasts between bright and pastel, glass and matt; site layout is defined by ShadowScript, it protects the content from copy-paste, and it also makes depositing funds differ from more usual one-step action of depositing money into an account. In Sabro Technology you shoud make two-step action to deposit funds into your account, all is explained in details in Sabro Technology FAQ.


Script — Licensed ShadowScript that costs the Admin money

SSL encryption by Comodo

Web Hosting — is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection from Black Lotus Communications


Advertising & Promotional Campaign — active promotional campaign, you can see Sabro Technology banners in many HYIP-monitors, there’s a sticky thread on MMGP.

Sabro Technology Current Alexa


Investors’ Activity — Sabro Technology popularity has been growing, this investment program has a good potential to expand and become one of the most popular investment programs this autumn.



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