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Second Newsletter from Sparbs

Congratulations On Your First Month’s Earnings 30 days have passed like a blink of an eye and Sparbs has great news to share with its members and also congratulate with their first months’ earnings. Keep on reading the whole news to find out what’s happening on Sparbs. #1: 30 Days Passes, 30 day Plan Expires, […]

Sparbs Review

  Investment Plans Sparbs is a medium term investment program. Sparbs is offering three (3) investment plans to choose from. 1: 120% after 15 calendar days, principal included. Net profit = 20%. Min – Max deposit : $10 – $10,000 2: 160% after 30 calendar days, principal included. Net profit = 60%. Min – Max deposit : […]

A new checkout feature from Payza

New Feature Allows Payza Merchants to Process Guest Checkouts Payza, a global leader in online payment processing, has released a new checkout feature that gives its merchants a streamlined option to receive payments from non-members. As with most online wallet and online payment processing services, Payza merchants were previously only able to accept payments from […]

SolidTrustPay Verified Exchangers

Looking at using an E-Currency Exchanger to transfer funds in or out of SolidTrustPay? To keep your account and money safe, we require all E-Currency Exchangers to be pre-approved by us before they can do business. Here is an up-to-date list of SolidTrustPay approved and Verified Exchangers who are ready to assist you with exchanges from […]

News from SolidTrustPay

Announcing Member Appreciation Week! SolidTrustPay is excited to announce an up-coming event open to all of our valued Members! Starting on the 1st of September, and running until the 7th, we will be holding our very first annual Member Appreciation Week! What is Member Appreciation Week? Member Appreciation Week is all about showing how much we […]

First Newsletter from Sparbs

  First Earnings in Sparbs   Hi everyone,  Sparbs team would like to take this opportunity to quickly update our valuable members about latest development. In the past two weeks, Sparbs, have managed to include two different payment systems (read below) on our website and we will be continuing to add more payment options in the […]

Centre Invest Group Review

  The payouts from Centre Invest Group have been stopped Investment Plans Centre Invest Group is offering 8 investment plans. 4 of them have tarrifs with daily payments, principal is returned on expiry. The other 4 have tarrifs offer investors one single payment on expiry that includes principal. Let’s have a look at those investment plans […]

News from In-India LIMITED

The payouts from In-India LIMITED have been stopped   Due to the fact that the pace of company development exceeded the payment capacity, the company was forced to distribute the processing capacities between servers in the United States and India. So according to a pause in payments, the company is also changing the central office […]

Newsletter from In-India LIMITED

The payouts from In-India LIMITED have been stopped   Anniversary Presentation and Further Development! Hello! Today we present you the Russian version of the presentation released a week ago after passing a threshold of a long year by company. Here’s a link to the presentation in Russian: We also offer you an English presentation: As […]

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