LinumFund – 3rd Newsletter


Dear investors!

Our project has already worked for 15 days, and we have some news.

1. A few days ago an interview with our administrator Marcus Jordan was published in the MNO blog. Many of you have read it already, but if you have not read it, you can find it here  In this interview you will find answers to some interesting questions for you.

2. Recruitment of the regional representatives continues. Please note that all your applications are considered but we add the representatives only once a week (usually on Mondays). Some of our representatives actively promote our project. Another official group has appeared on Facebook lately ( Dr. Lieven Van Neste has created Skype Chat for our project (you can find the link to it on his website

3. From Wednesday the project will be able to use Compounding and increasing of your actual deposit. All this you will be able to do from the same place where you withdraw your deposit (go to Deposits section, then select the deposit and click on Active). You will be able to issue Compounding during the creation of deposit. You can also change its value in the process of deposit. Due to these upgrades the website may not be available on Wednesday morning (updates will not last more than an hour).

4. We finally completed verification of Payza. That means that you can also use this way to deposit and withdraw funds. Deposit via Payza is already available, but we add it manually yet. Tomorrow we will try to fix such problem and all transactions will be fully automatic.

5. Finally, we have some good news. As we promised earlier, tomorrow we are starting a bonus program. You will find out all terms and conditions tomorrow morning. So far we can only give you a hint‐ do not rush to withdraw your deposit!

Marcus Jordan



Third Newsletter from Sparbs


45 Days Earnings Report




Greetings to all dear members!

We just completed our third investment cycle (45 days). Smart investors who decided to invest in our 3rd plan are enjoying a whopping 110% pure profits (as discussed below).

In this news session, we’d like to share you quick updates on several things – total deposits made, total number of investors at Sparbs, website statistics after 45 days, and important features that we are considering to add in coming weeks, which will all help you see why investing at Sparbs is the best thing you could do to make money online.

1. 45 Days Online, Third (3rd) Cycle Completed Successfully

Sparbs has successfully completed its 3rd cycle (45 day cycle). As a result, members who had decided to invest in our 3rd investment plan are now enjoying a whopping 210% profits – a 110% pure profits. That means, if you’d had invested $1000 in our 3rd plan, you’d had earned $2,100 ($1100 pure profits) only after 45 days.

2. Web Statistic after 45 days

After 45 days, Sparbs have managed to attract a total 1340 investors, a rise in number from 799 members during its first month (30 days online). Likewise, the total deposits at Sparbs is now $65623.24, which is almost double the total deposit amount of $35,000.00 during its first month online.

This growing number of members and deposit amount indicates only one thing – Sparbs’s investment plan is not only easy to use and invest, but also generates profits for everyone, including to newbie investors.

3. Sparbs is active on Facebook

We post latest updates and industry news on our Facebook wall. If you have any question regarding our investment plans, or need assistance from the experts, you can always send a private message or post a question on our Facebook wall.

4. Over 1K Deposits Everyday

At Sparbs, we are getting more than 1K deposits every day. We are getting popular and stronger every day. One of the reasons why we are getting great results is because our plan are extremely easy to use and invest. For example, after registration, our user do not need wait for weeks, or days, to get started with our program. Further, they do not need to submit bank documents to get their account approved. Your account will be verified and approved within seconds, not days.

After your account is activated, all you have to do is select one of the three plans, fund your account using any of the payment processors we support, and wait for the investment period to complete to start making money online.

The best part is that your earnings will be directly transferred to your investor’s account, which can be withdrawn into your bank account, anytime.

5. Be Ready for Representative Program

Get ready to make additional income through our affiliate program. Yes, Sparbs development team is currently working on our representative system and it will be ready within couple of weeks. The affiliate program is free to join. If you’re already our member, you will automatically be qualified to participate in our affiliate program and start promoting our program with others – friends, families, co-workers and even your boss. If you’re new, you will automatically be enrolled into our affiliate program during the registration process.

With our affiliate program, you’ll earn referral commission based on the deposit amount your referrals make in one of our investment plans.

6. Testimonials section under construction

Sparbs’s development team is also constructing a ‘Testimonials’ section for our site and it will be ready in couple of weeks too. In this section, we’ll include our customer’s reviews about our investment plan and their experiences using our website. This section will be really helpful for first-time investors who want to learn more about what others are saying about our plans before deciding to place their money at Sparbs.

7. Awesome Sports Betting System

In just 45 days, we have managed to attract a lot of investors from all over the world who are spending at least $1,000 every day. The total accounts have increased to 1301 from 799 in 30 days.

There are several reasons for that.

First of all, our investment plan is extremely easy to use. You just need to fund your account using any one of the payment gateways we support, select the plan, and wait for the period to complete.

Secondly, our server is running on a powerful dedicated server and protected by DDoS protection mechanism. This means our server will always be up and running and you’ll always make safe online deposits and withdrawals.

Thirdly, our excellent customer care service is always there to assist you, 7 days a week. Submit a ticket or click on the “Live Support” option to talk one-on-one with one of our customer care staffs.

8. Final Words

Before saying goodbye to you all, we’d like to thank everyone who took time to invest in our program and supported us throughout this journey. As a professional sports betting company, we also fulfilled out promise to our investors by helping them earn significant amount of profits in the least amount of time and hassle. In coming weeks, Sparbs will even get stronger and more popular as we’ll include representative program, testimonial sections, and payment processors.

When it comes to making money online, Sparbs is the real deal because we invest your money on profitable sports arbitrage situation which will always earn you profits.

Thanks for reading,
Sparbs Team


LinumFund – 2nd Newsletter


Linum Fund is one of the most successful and popular investment programs coming up this Autumn.


Here’s 2nd Newsletter from  LinumFund:

Dear Investors,

As always, we have some important news to share with you:

Our project continues developing steadily. We already have 1,200 registered members, about 850 of which have active deposits. A lot of our clients have already received their profits, some of them have closed their deposits, but the majority has decided to continue to make a profit with us – and we are very happy about that.

As many of you may have noticed today there are some problems with our site access. It is loaded slowly, and it was not available in some regions. Not only with encountered such a problem, but also the other users of the server from Ddos-Guard. As far as we know, the problem has been solved by now, but there are still some small disruptions may have place. Do not worry about that, it will not impact our project.

The review of our program has been published on MNO. We here at Linum Fund are extremely proud and happy to announce that, a detailed review of our program has been published by Paul Abramson, on his blog, which is the largest platform from where you can get detailed news and other matters concerning the HYIP industry. The answers for most of the common questions that you will have can be found out in the published review. We proudly invite everyone to take a look at the published review here,

Currently, we are negotiating with Paul Abramson about making an interview about the project for the blog Money-News-Online. I think the interview will be published in the next two weeks. Stay tuned for updates.

As for instant payments and withdrawal of your deposit, you should not be afraid if your request for withdrawal gets the status Pending
There can be several reasons for that:
- The most common is a bug in the API of the payment system. You can delete your withdrawal request and try to create a new one. Likely, payment will be processed instantly.
- Every day we set withdrawal limit for each payment system. We do it for security reasons. The limit is high enough, but sometimes it finishes, and in this case your request will be processed by the administrator manually, and the withdrawal limit will be increased.
In any case, you SHOULD NOT PANIC if your request is not processed instantly. Your payment request will be processed anyway by administrator manually. Usually, it does not take more than 2-3 hours.

Warmest Regards,
Marcus Jordan

1st Newsletter from Linum Fund


Linum Fund – 1st Newsletter



Hello dear investors. Our project was launched only recently, but we already have some important news.

1. Start of the project turned out really grandiose, I admit honestly – we didn’t expect to get such success. For the first two days 750 new members already joined us, from them 550 have active deposits. Total amount of deposits is about $65,000. We are very glad that our project was pleasant to you and we will make everything not to betray your trust and expectations.

2. Many requests for receiving the status of “Regional Representatives” arrived to us. All your requests will be considered soon. Members, whose requests will be approved, will receive the corresponding confirmation on the email at the beginning of the next week. Respectively the “Regional Representatives” page will start replenishing on Tuesday-Wednesday.

3. A lot of investors ask us about addition of new payment systems. Concerning new payment systems I can tell the following:

- OkPay – we aren’t going to add this system. We don’t think that many investors will use it, and the blocking of accounts is sometimes observed in this system.

- PayPal – we too aren’t going to work with this system. PayPal doesn’t work with such projects, and the beginning of work with them can lead us to blocking of our account. And we don’t want to risk yours (and ours) money.

- Payza – we hope to connect soon. Merchant department promised that procedure of verification will take from 2 to 5 days. We undergo this procedure two weeks already. A problem that support of Payza responds to messages too long. Therefore we won’t speak about any concrete terms. As soon as we undergo verification procedure – we will report about it in news.

4. After registration of an account don’t forget to specify details of your payment processors in the section “Payment details”. Also be attentive at a deposit conclusion, check to what payment account you withdraw the means. Especially it concerns BitCoin because often you withdraw funds for that address from which deposit was made (and it can be not that address which you planned to use).

5. Unfortunately, the start of the project took place not so smoothly. Yesterday the mistake connected with a choice of investment plans was revealed. An error was corrected during yesterday’s technical works. If your deposit was made in wrong plan (not one that has been chosen by you) just send us request to and we will fix it. Also 10-15 investors at change of the investment plan could have a doubling of the deposit or you could not receive daily charges; in such case write us on and we will correct everything quickly. We apologize for inconveniences. We will try to avoid similar problems further.

Warmest Regards,

Marcus Jordan Admin LinumFund.

Second Newsletter from Sparbs

Congratulations On Your First Month’s Earnings

drawing graph

30 days have passed like a blink of an eye and Sparbs has great news to share with its members and also congratulate with their first months’ earnings. Keep on reading the whole news to find out what’s happening on Sparbs.

#1: 30 Days Passes, 30 day Plan Expires, Congratulations with your earnings!

Finally, 30 days just passed and with that our 30 day plan also expired. Our members who had decided to invest in our 2nd plan (160% after 30 days plan) are now enjoying 60% pure profits of their initial investment amount. We would like to congratulate them with their first months earnings.

That’s not all!

More members who invested in our 3rd plan, i.e. 210% after 45 days, will enjoy a whopping 110% pure profits within next 15 days.

The best part about Sparb’s investment program is that you can always withdraw your earnings or profits as soon as the investment period is over, and your “initial investment amount” will continue to generate profits for you every month.

Alternately, you also have an option to “re-invest your profits” as capital, also known as compound interest, and earn even more profits for you. At Sparbs, you will never lose and only make more profits for the long term!

#2: “Upcoming Sport Events” integrated into Sparbs:

Sparbs recently integrated an “Upcoming Sport Events” section on its website to allow our members to know more about upcoming arbitrage events. If you are betting expert or un-experienced member you can leave this job for us – professionals.

We are sport arbitrage company working since 2009 under FINANCIAL EXPERTS LIMITED name and gain a lot of experience in free risk arbitrage.

#3: Recent Website Statistics:

After 33 days online, Sparbs has managed to attract 860 members, a significant rise from 520 investors from the last week. The membership on Sparbs never shows a sign of slowing down, thanks to our easy to invest and profitable investment plans.

Similarly, the deposit amount on Sparbs has increased from $18,000 to almost $39,000.00 within the last 10 days (from Aug 18 to 27). Both these growing numbers of members and deposits amount indicates that Sparb’s investment program is popular, easy to use, and profitable, even for the first-time investors.

Sparbs is very active on Facebook. If you spend most of your time on Facebook, rest assured you’ll receive updates, earning reports, new promotion offers, and investment tips and tricks on your Facebook wall. If you need help getting started with our investment program or have any information to share with us, simply post your feedbacks, questions, and comments on our Facebook wall and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

#4: Important Notice for Newbie and Intermediate Betters & Investors:

Investment risk has dramatically reduced to a “zero” risk level when we decided to enter into the sports arbitrage industry. For example, our member can place bet on both teams on the same match and earn profits, which has removed betting as something as gambling and transformed it into a solid investment strategy.

So, if you’re a first-time investor, or even an intermediate better, we highly recommend you to try Sparb’s reliable investment program and earn passive income every single month.

We have the ‘right’ tools, years of industry experience, and in-depth knowledge of the sports arbitrage. Our team of sports arbitrage experts have been in this industry for more than a decade and they have an in-depth knowledge to spot, analyze, and place bets on profitable arbitrage situations on the web. So if you’re a first-time investor, let one of our sports arbitrage experts help you get started really quickly so that you make the most out of your investments.

The best part about betting on Sparb’s investment plans are that your initial investment amount is 100% guaranteed, meaning you never lose at Sparbs.

That’s all for now. Please keep on returning back to our site for updates, news, and tips. Become our Facebook Fan and do not forget to promote our investment plans within your circle by becoming our affiliate.

Thanks for reading,
Sparbs Team

Sparbs Review


Investment Plans

Sparbs is a medium term investment program. Sparbs is offering three (3) investment plans to choose from.

1: 120% after 15 calendar days, principal included. Net profit = 20%. Min – Max deposit : $10 – $10,000
2: 160% after 30 calendar days, principal included. Net profit = 60%. Min – Max deposit : $10 – $10,000
3: 210% after 45 calendar days, principal included. Net profit = 110%. Min – Max deposit : $10 – $10,000

All transactions are manually verified and withdrawals are completed within 24 hours. The Sparbs members already took advantage of depositing into the first and the second plans and have been withdrawing profits.

Sparbs affiliate system pays you a 5-2% referral commission on the first and second levels.

Payment options are up to a high HYIP industry standards –  Sparbs now accepts 7 popular e-currency systems, you can join with  Payza, OKPay, Perfect Money, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

You can get in touch with administration by Live Support or filling out the Customer Support form and submitting it through the Contact Us page. Sparbs friendly English-speaking support staff is available 7 days/week to answer your questions. Sparbs  has a fan page on Facebook.

Slogan — Sports arbitrage for everyone!
Texts — the website content is original.
Company Profile —Sparbs is an entity of FINANCIAL EXPERTS LIMITED. Company was registered in the UK in 2009. Sparbs is a business that invests money into sports betting industry called “arbitrage“. Arbitrage is a financial situation  where you ‘buy low’ and ‘sell high’ on two different markets simultaneously and make instant profits. In the sports betting industry, you buy or sell ‘odds’ on two different Bookmakers and generate a profit (zero loss in the worst case scenario). The trick with the sports arbitrage is to bet on all possible outcomes of the game and betting on both teams to win. If these two bookmakers have sufficient high odds, you’ll generate profits for yourself no matter the outcome of the game.

Web Design & Site Layout — professional and well crafted. It is important to mention that upon joining Sparbs  the first thing you’ll need to do is fund your account with the amount you’re going to invest.  Then you should re-direct your investment into the plan you prefer to join. Only after that your deposit becomes active, and you start earning.

Script —exclusive custom-made script!
Sparbs maintains the highest level of security, the website has Green Bar and Extended Certificate from Comodo
Web Hosting — DDoS protection package provided by Koddos who are keeping Sparbs website on a dedicated server.

Advertising & Promotional Campaign — at very good level.

Sparbs Current Alexa



Invest Safely & Get Really High Referral Commission Back (RCB) for Sparbs here

A new checkout feature from Payza

New Feature Allows Payza Merchants to Process Guest Checkouts

Payza, a global leader in online payment processing, has released a new checkout feature that gives its merchants a streamlined option to receive payments from non-members.

As with most online wallet and online payment processing services, Payza merchants were previously only able to accept payments from current Payza members. With the new checkout option, non-members can now sign up and pay by credit card without ever leaving the merchant website.

“With this new checkout option enabled, Payza merchants can instantly accept payments from anyone with a Visa credit or debit card in the more than 190 countries that Payza serves,” said Ali Nizameddine, EVP Product and Technology. “One of our main focuses this year has been finding ways to refine Payza’s checkout process to make it faster and easier to complete, with the ultimate goal of increasing conversions for our merchants. This new checkout option for non-members is another step in that direction.”

Nizameddine noted that Payza first redesigned its checkout page in August of last year. The project opened up a larger conversation within the company as to how Payza could improve the checkout flow to help merchants convert more customers. “We had improved the look and feel of the checkout process last year, but that was just the beginning of our journey.”

Recently, Payza unveiled other checkout features to further improve the experience for customers. “We released a Balance Top-Up option in June to give customers a way to load their accounts and complete their purchases in one simple step. In July, we launched In-Page Checkout, which opens the Payza checkout module inside a merchant’s website. At the same time we incorporated responsive design to the checkout page for better usability on tablets and smartphones,” Nizameddine added. “With today’s release, we’re giving non-members access to the Payza network of merchants and we’re giving our merchants a way to instantly process payments from almost anyone around the world.”

The new checkout option is available immediately for all merchants that use Payza to process online payments.


About Payza

Payza is a leading online payments technology platform used by licensed entities around the world. Payza’s highly secure platform provides businesses and consumers with convenient and flexible solutions for sending and receiving payments worldwide. The company offers access to payment services in both traditional and emerging markets, as well as a host of tools and services including: fraud screening, dispute resolution, currency exchange, global payouts and disbursement services. With millions of members, Payza offers its services around the world in 21 currencies, and is proud to provide its merchants around the globe with a complete solution for accepting payments and managing their businesses.

More information is available about Payza on its website,, Facebook, Twitter and the company’s blog.

SolidTrustPay Verified Exchangers

Looking at using an E-Currency Exchanger to transfer funds in or out of SolidTrustPay? To keep your account and money safe, we require all E-Currency Exchangers to be pre-approved by us before they can do business. Here is an up-to-date list of SolidTrustPay approved and Verified Exchangers who are ready to assist you with exchanges from STPay to other E-Currencies:



Magnetic Exchange,







For your safety, never exchange funds with an unknown individual or company who has not been pre-approved by SolidTrust Pay. If you are offered the services of an exchanger who does not appear on the list above, please contact our Customer Support Staff and we will be happy to confirm if they have been approved to operate as a Verified Exchanger.

Please note: US citizens are not eligible to use Verified Exchangers/or send e-currency exchanges via their STPay account.
For further information on using Exchangers, please read this article on Exchanging E-Currencies Safely.

SolidTrustPay is always here to help!

News from SolidTrustPay

Announcing Member Appreciation Week!
SolidTrustPay is excited to announce an up-coming event open to all of our valued Members!
Starting on the 1st of September, and running until the 7th, we will be holding our very first annual Member Appreciation Week!

What is Member Appreciation Week?
Member Appreciation Week is all about showing how much we appreciate you, our extended STPay family! We will be holding a series of contests and draws throughout the week for some great cash rewards and prizes.

What are the prizes?
With a total of 25 Mystery Cash Prizes daily, 5 daily draws to win the total value of your week’s fees, and a chance to win 1 of 3 Grand Prizes, there are many opportunities to win!

But how do you enter?
Simply do what you do best; use your SolidTrustPay account for all of your daily Ewallet needs. It’s that easy! Every day during the first week of September we will be drawing random transactions to WIN INSTANTLY.

Want to increase your chances?
Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for additional chances to win! All of our Social Media followers will be kept up-to-date on the prizes, in addition to the useful content we already post.

Keep an eye on the blog for more updates as we get closer to September. With so many chances to win, Member Appreciation Week is sure to be a lot of fun.

SolidTrustPay, where you matter.

First Newsletter from Sparbs


First Earnings in Sparbs  

Hi everyone,  Sparbs team would like to take this opportunity to quickly update our valuable members about latest development.

In the past two weeks, Sparbs, have managed to include two different payment systems (read below) on our website and we will be continuing to add more payment options in the near future. Sparbs accepts Payza and OKPAY.  Last week, Sparbs added couple more online payment systems – Payza and OKPay – to offer more options for its members to make quick and easy deposits and withdrawals. Both Payza and OKPay are online payment systems that allows its members to transfer money internationally as well as purchase goods and services (including funding Sparb’s investors account) online. With the addition of these two payment gateways, Sparbs now accepts 7 popular e-currency systems: Payza, OKPay, Perfect Money, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Website Statistics. 

After only 18 days of its official launch, more than $18,000 has been deposited in our investment programs by more than 520 investors living around the world. This growing number of investors and deposits indicates that Sparb’s investment plans are easy to comprehend, allowing even the first-time investors to get started within minutes. In addition, seven (7) different payment options allows our investors to quickly fund their investor’s account. Not to mention, our customer support is always there to help to get interested investors started really quickly. Most online monitoring sites have listed our project as “paying”, with a payout ratio of 9-30%, which is an industry standard. Please visit our Ratings page for more information.

You can also check our home page for updated statistics.  Sparbs on Facebook Sparbs has a fan page on Facebook. We’ll keep you up to date with our tips, tricks, and techniques to maximize your online earning through any of our investment plans. Become our fan on Facebook! Our investors, including first-timers and seasoned investors, can post their questions, ideas, tips, and tricks on our Facebook wall. Having website usage issues, or getting started with our investment project? Leave us a message on our Facebook wall and one of our friendly customer care support will try to get back to you within hours. That’s all for now. Please do not forget to read our F.A.Q. section to get started. If you need any help, you can always contact us. One of our expert advisors will respond to you within hours. Lastly, do not forget to check our website for more news and updates.

Thanks for your time and patience. Sincerely yours, Sparbs Team.

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